Fish & Chip Shop

DJ's chippie has a very well established reputation for excellent food and it's clientele comes from a large twenty mile radius catchment area. Having a large frontage, ample on-street parking and situated on the main road through the town enables DJ's to take advantage of not only local but all passing trade.

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Shop dimensions:

20ft 2ins x 14ft 4ins

(6.15m x 4.37m)

Preparation Room

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Preparation Room Dimensions:

13ft 4ins x 9ft 10ins

(4.06m x 3.00m)

Tattie Room


Tattie Room Dimensions:

12ft 10ins x 5ft 4ins

(3.91m x 1.63m)

Large Storeroom with Walk in Freezer


Storeroom Dimensions:

17ft 6ins x 19ft

(5.33m x 5.79m)




Workshop Dimensions:

17ft 10ins x 14ft 10ins

(5.44m x 4.52m)

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All sizes are approximate